'My personal philosophy is to open people's minds to the beauty of our times and the scenes of everyday life around us' - usha

Thursday, September 16, 2021

My Pet Lab Retriever painting

 Recently my pet Labrador Retriever has become my willing muse to most of my water color paintings. Not a penny spent for getting her to pose. Mostly clicks turned into paintings, as she is not very cooperative where staying still for me is concerned.

Here is a few of them

They are all water color paintings on paper of size -9x6 inches.

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Monday, March 15, 2021

SHE Cares - painting for a cause - Online Art Show - 'SHE' - Woman'ess and Beyond

 Proud to be a part of an art show created for the cause of ' Right to quality education for the children of Dream School Foundation - and NGO of Bengaluru. 

I painted this Mother and Child specially for this purpose and is now displayed on the Online Group Art Show called ' SHE' - Woman'ess and Beyond. This is an initiative by Mrs Shyamala Ramanand - Creative Head of Akanksha Group Art Shows and Festivals. In this show which celebrates the Women's Day of March 2021, all artists have pledged 40% of their proceeds of the show to the Dream School Foundation NGO and the show starting 8th March will go through for one month till 8th April 2021. Visit Akanksha Art to view 41 paintings of 41 participating artists. 

30x20 inches
Acrylic on canvas

I have portrayed on canvas using a limited palette of just Cerulean Blue and Cadmium Orange - A young woman loveingly cares and is carryling her child on her slim waist. This being a normal way to carrying a child in our society. A child indeed feels the warmth the mother's love and also has the advantage of viewing the world from a higher plane seated on it's mother's arms.
It is a very comfortable way of taking care of child for the Mom too, as she can carry on with most of her duties this way. Some of us may have experienced this beautiful stage of life on Mother's Arms.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Flora in my Garden - Small paintings

 The beautiful Flora in my little garden inspired me into painting this series of small size, square format paintings. Soothing to the eye, delicate flowers tend to bring a feel of peace and calm into my mind.

 Suitable for display in 'cluster format' anywhere in home or office. 

 Cluster Display of square format Flower paintings done on canvas board.

Little Flowers 1
12x12 inches
medium: acrylic on square canvas board
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Little Flowers 2
12x12 inches
medium: acrylic on square canvas board
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8x8 inches
medium: acrylic on square canvas board
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Moonlight Jasmine- Scented
8x8 inches 
medium: acrylic on square canvas board

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Morning Glory
8x8 inches
medium: acrylic on square canvas board
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8x8 inches
medium: acrylic on square canvas board
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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Deer visit in Backyard - oil painting

 A visit of this beautiful golden deer to the backyard and clicked by my daughter - it was a golden opportunity for a painting which I would never miss. The deer had sensed that she was being watched, and turned her head, slightly popping her ears to catch sounds. 

   Oil painting on canvas board - 8x10 inches

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Friday, August 28, 2020

the ongoing- Online Art Show - OnArt Fair- by Mojarto

 'Indian Landscapes' - paintings of the 'The Drawing Room Musings' series of paintings are displayed in this new kind of Virtual Art Show organized by Mojarto.com

display at 

Pleased to be part of the ongoing virtual art show organized by Mojarto.com, and NDTV undertaking.

The show has started off today, and will be happening through 28 29 30 August.2020. I guess this is going to be the new norm, of viewing paintings online. The human socializing element may be lesser, but we may have to go through this for some more time I guess, until the Global corona virus pandemic resolves. Praying that it all gets over as fast as it came up.

Thinking on the brighter side, probably more people will be able to view online in the comfort of their homes. And the possibility of showing the real art online to a bigger audience is a new encouraging experience.

Registration is required to view the show online, and the last 2 days comes free.- 

Click OnArt Fair to instantly register and start visiting the booths of 75 artists if India, including mine. A great opportunity to view the best of art in the comfort of our home.

Happy viewing.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Perceptions and Explorations - group art show - Bengaluru

My recent group art exhibition - 'Perceptions and Explorations' was held from 27 January 2020 uptil 2nd February 2020.
Curated by artist Shyamala Ramanand and inaugurated by 3 eminent artists of Bengaluru - Sri Chandranath Acharya, Sri Baburao Nadoni and Sri Eby N Joseph, -  it was a show case of paintings by seven artists including me and the curator too. An amalgamation of various styles and subjects was presented in this show. 

I met and made new artist friends, which made the show an unforgettable one.

I took up my favorite subject of 'Body Language' again and presented a part 2 of this series in the form of figurative paintings. Introducing a little texture and palette knife work this time and also using pastel shades, I really enjoyed painting this series.

Sharing the paintings I had displayed here, and some beautiful moments of the show here - 

Strength of a Woman
acrylic on canvas
size: 16x20x1 inches

Deep in Thought
acrylic on canvas
size: 16x20x1  inches

In Confidence
acrylic on canvas
size: 18x24x1 inches

acrylic on canvas
size: 18x24x1 inches

acrylic on canvas
size: 28x34x1 inches

acrylic on canvas
size: 18x24x1 inches
-In a private collection now -

Retirement Solution
acrylic on canvas
size: 18x24x1 inches

Silent Conversation
acrylic on canvas
16x20x1 inches

acrylic on canvas
size: 16x20x1 inches

Inauguration of Perceptions and Explorations group Art show