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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Painting of - THE PIG FAMILY


Imagine my surprise when I saw these beauties for the first time one lazy morning on my way to the park for a walk.  And that too in the midst of the Bangalore city streets!   Just like me, the family of pigs were also having their daily morning walk.  Since then we meet everyday and say hello to each other!  Nowadays I look forward to my morning walks just to meet my piggy friends.  :)

It was a different experience to paint a cool morning light rather than the harsh sun and heavy shadows that usually comes my way.       
'The Herd 5 - The PIG family' is an acrylic painting on canvas of size 12"x16". 


  1. The piglets look cute! The streets look very much like Bangalore! Unique painting :)

  2. beautiful depiction of garden city...
    so realistic...