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Friday, October 28, 2016

Fathomless - Black and White painting

acrylic painting on stretched canvas - gallery wrap
painted on the sides

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The beautiful and serene Lal Bagh Lake is the inspiration for this painting. For regular morning walkers at Lal Bagh, this is a familiar sight while walking on the jogger's path around the Lake. Loved capturing the reflections on canvas. This time made away with the brush, and used a palette knife to spread the buttery paints on the canvas. You can see the strokes, and even feel the raised surface by running your fingers on the canvas.

By the way, Lal Bagh is the famed park situated in the heart of Bengluru city- a breath of fresh air for the ever busy Bangaloreans. 
This painting was recently displayed at my group art show called 'Black and White', held at Venkatappa Art Gallery Bengaluru.

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