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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BLACK AND WHITE - my upcoming group art show at Venkatappa Art Gallery Bengaluru

Up coming is my group art show called 'Black and White', organized by Akanksha, curated by artist Shyamala Ramanand, to be held at Venkatappa Art Gallery in Bengaluru. Below is the Invitation to the show, in which 50 artists will be taking part in two batches.

My contribution consists of 2 large paintings that I did of the Lal Bagh Lake with its reflections. As this is a themed art show, I was limited to using only the colors black and white for the paintings. I decided to use palette knives instead of brushes this time. Large blobs of paint applied with a palette knife tends to leave beautiful impasto impressions, that gives a raised effect, and the strokes can be felt by running the fingers on the canvas.  My paintings will be displayed in the second batch which starts on 19th October 2016 through 23rd October 2016.

My thoughts - The Lal Bagh park of Bengaluru continues to be a never ending source of inspiration for my paintings, and this time I had the opportunity to visualize the beautiful park in black and white. I learnt this time that colors are an extension of beauty, while the true essence of nature lies in the simplicity of its hidden shapes and designs.

If you happen to be at Bangalore, don't miss this opportunity to view  these beautiful black and white paintings by 50 artists.

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