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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Love in Lal Bagh1 - Acrylic painting on canvas

This is the first painting of the 'Love in Lal Bagh' series that I created for display at the recently concluded mega group art show called 'Akanksha 2'.

My early morning walks at the Lal Bagh Gardens - Bangalore, inspired me into painting this series.

A Cozy couple who have eyes only for each other, in deep conversation, probably with proposals of life long commitments taking place here. Nature has offered her support of the couple in the form of beautifully flowering- gigantic trees of Lal Bagh, thus creating an aura of romance in the air.

Love in Lal Bagh 1
Size: 18x24 inches
Acrylic painting on canvas board

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Size: 19x25 inches including the white fiber frame

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Moments of 'Akanksha 2' group art show photos.

Some interesting moments at my corner of the 'Akanksha 2' group art show that recently concluded at  the - Chithra Kala Parishath Art Complex and Museum,  at Bengaluru. The show lasted 5 days starting 15th -19th April 2015.

I presented a series of 6 paintings called 'Love in Lal Bagh' at this mega group art show.

The show was inaugurated by eminent artists and dignitaries and I feel happy to say that I was privileged to give the welcome address to start off the show.

The Chief guest was Smt Rekha Hebbar Rao eminent artist and also daughter of the late K K Hebbar. Artist K K Hebbar was one of the most respected and well known artist if India, and his works are preserved and kept for public view at the Venkatappa Gallery and Museum at Bengaluru.

The guests of honor were popular artists Smt Anuradha Nalapat (also an advocate), Mrs Usha Rai (also a Kannada writer, founder and a participant of Akanksha, and also my good friend) and established artist Mrs Shantha Sathyanarayana.

Here are some captures ( my corner) during the mega art show 'Akanksha 2'.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Invitation to my upcoming group art show - Akanksha

An undertaking of 'Akanksha Group Shows and Festivals', 'Akanksha' is the second season of painting exhibition, curated and organized by fellow artist and good friend Mrs Shyamala Ramanand.

The participants are 67 fine artist ladies (including me :)), and together we propose to create a festival of paintings in the coming week at Chithra kala Parishath - Bengaluru.

Personally, I will be exhibiting a body of work called 'Love in Lal Bagh'.  As the name suggests, it is a romantic collection portraying the lucky couples who jaunt the Lal Bagh gardens of Bangalore city to share their heart to their loved one.

Executed in the 'impasto' style, I have painted them using lovable and pretty colors which is the aura of romantic Lal Bagh.

The invitation

If you happen to be in Bangalore, make sure to visit our group show - Akanksha.