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Monday, June 10, 2013

Thrilled to be on 'BBC World News Hangout' - What makes Art Iconic - discussion with BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz

I was so thrilled on 5th June 2013 afternoon, when I received a call from London - BBC News worldwide - inviting me to take part in a discussion on 'What makes Art iconic' on BBC News Hangout.  I could not believe at first that the famous British Broadcast journalist/producer Benjamin Zand was speaking to me on the phone. I thought at first that someone was playing a prank, but I am really happy now that I had decided to hear him out.

What a lovely topic. 'What makes Art Iconic' was hosted by the famous BBC Art editor Will Gompertz. Five artists from various parts of the world had been chosen, and I was selected from India!!!

I was hoping that my internet connection would not let me down during the Hangout, as it is erratic here sometimes.  At 6.30 pm the hangout had started, and my mic let me down. I could not take part in the first 20 min of the program. Luckily I was heard from the 23rd min onwards.

You can hear my comments on - What makes Art "iconic" at the 23rd min onwards. Also about whether artwork by women artists are valued lesser that their men counterparts was discussed, and you can watch   my views on this at 30min onwards.  The whole program was completed in 38 minutes time.

It was a wonderful experience to be discussing - 'What makes art iconic' with four other illustrious artists from around the world,  and the program hosted by none other than Will Gompertz - BBC Arts Editor, and Benjamin Zand - producer/BJ at BBC World. 

Note that Mr. Benjamin Zand has described my painting called 'Mahishaasura Mardini' (in the background behind me) as ' Wonderful piece of Art' at 14.30 min.  
My day was made, and I will remember this day forever.