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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Marigold painting - Potted Bounty - in Rebecca Tripp music video.

Amazing Marigold Artwork and Waltz of the Marigolds by Rebecca Tripp

My painting 'Potted Bounty' can be viewed at 2.48 min.

Once again Rebecca Tripp - freelance music composer from British Columbia - Canada has created cheerful and happy 'Flower art music'. The chirping of birds in the background gives the feeling of sitting in a garden chair and enjoying the music of the 'Marigolds'.

This time her inspiration has been 'Marigold paintings' by artists all over the world. It is my pleasure to say that my painting called 'Potted Bounty' contributed to her inspiration ( in its own small way) for producing such peaceful and chirpy music. 

Potted Bounty
Marigold painting
acrylic on canvas
size 12x26 inches

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