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Monday, October 29, 2012

Winners of 'Your 3000 or more viewed artwork' competition in Fine Art America.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition called ' Your 3000 or more viewed artwork' .  This is a competition I created on   Fine Art America,   which is a wonderful place for artists the world over to display their artworks.  Artists who display on this site receive views for their artworks, and the number of times they have been viewed is displayed on each one of the artworks.

This competition was a challenge to talented artists the world over, who had created wonderful artwork and are already winners, as they had received more than 3000 visits to their artworks.

I did have my doubt as to how many of them could be out there who had received that many visits for their artworks, but I was pleasantly surprised as more than 35 artists took part, with some of them submitting even 5 entries.

The competition went through a period of 2 weeks, and attracted 95 entries by very talented artists, some of them having received even more than 10000 views.

We members of the FAA voted for the best of the best and finally saw 3 winning entries by the following extremely talented artists of FAA. 

The first place was won by artist Jeanne Newton Schoborg for her artwork called ‘Work in progress V ‘. This painting has received a whopping 11,031 visits and not surprisingly she has won the first spot in this competition.   Known for her horse paintings, she is a widely travelled artist who lives and teaches art in Eldora IA United States.  Click HERE  to view the winning artwork entry. 

The second place was won by artist Karen Wiles   from Hampstead NC United States for her artwork called ‘ Tranquility This painting has received   visits.  Karen’s artworks are like a breath of fresh air and calming to the mind in a world of glamour, noise and stress.  Click HERE to view the winning entry.  

The third spot was won by Michael Durst   from Cape TownSouth Africa, for his artwork called ‘Lavender Fields’.  This painting has been viewed more than 7000 times on FAA.  A Doctor by profession, he is a psychologist, and not surprisingly he certainly knows how to capture the viewer's hearts through his artworks.  His artworks are relaxing and healing to the heart and are called ‘Heartscapes’.  Click HERE to view the winning entry.  

The following were my own submissions for the contest called' Your 3000 or more viewed artworks on FAA'.


Inspired by Raja Ravi Varma's painting

Pretty flowers   



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