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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Art and Social Media - Workshop

I have been so ingrossed on a new oil painting this January, that I had little time for much else.

But I did manage to squeeze in time to attend an interesting workshop calleed  'Art and Social Media' on a Mid January weekend. The workshop was conducted by  ---  Anita Garimella   Internet &Software Product Management & Marketing Executive and Real Estate Developer.  She is also the co-founder of Infinity International Invesments, LLC - Greater Philedelphia. 

She spoke of  Social Medias like the Facebook and Twitter that have become a boon nowadays for artists and others. She discussed on the opportunities, challenges, and the good ways to use such social networks for promoting Art purposes.  Very interesting was her case studies on art and social media where she discussed about many popular Art websites.  She also dealt with Democratizaion of Art through social media, about virality, and also the legal part such as copyright issues. 

The 'Art and Social Media' workshop was an initiative by Annapoorna Garimella Art Historian and Designer; and managing trustee of A.R.T registered charitable Trust. 

About A.R.T :- Art, Resources and Teaching Trust is located at Andree Road Shanthi Nagar - Bangalore - It is a Library and Archive for the Visual and built Arts in India, well equipped with an amazing collection of books, maps, slides and DVDs.
A.R.T. promotes research, pedagogy and discourse on the visual and built arts. They invite academics, practioners and students to access their resources and contribute to the organization. 

The weekend was well spent doublely, as I also got to meet many new people and enjoyed a comraderie interaction during the workshop, in addition to the great food that A.R.T had arranged for. :) 

In the meantime my new painting is almost ready to be posted on my blog.  Look forward to - 'Peace and Tranquility - Buddha'  my first oil painting for 2010 -  in my next post,

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