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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Recently I hosted a competition on Fine Art America.com , in which 102 artists worldwide took part, and 106 artworks were submitted.

Today's post is dedicated to the 3 winners of the contest, and will be introduced to the Indian public.

The contest was called - HOW YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF - 'SELF PORTRAIT' contest. It was very interesting to see how the artists portrayed themselves, and expressed themselves in all mediuns, including digital photography. The members of Fine Art America voted 3 winners out of them.

1. The first prize went to artiist Deborah Macquarrie from Canada, who won with 8 votes for her artwork called 'ME'.

She loves art and photography,and donates proceeds to run homes for children in Africa and third world countries.

I interviewed her, and this is how it went.-

1. Who inspired you to paint. My father was an inspiration to me. He was an artist and had been featured in a big gallery since he was 12 yrs old. His talents were wonderful and he has blessed me by passing it on to me.
2.Can u brief on your work in Africa. I operate orphanages in Ghana, Uganda and also in India. I am planning on going to India with in the next year. I am not rich at all but what I have I give. It is my way of life.
3. Who is your favourite artist. I really do not have a favorite artist as my style differ so much. I just love the freedom to be me in my art work be it painting, photography or digital work.

Deborah Macquarrie

website: http://artworkbydeborah.shutterfly.com/

2. The second place was won by artist Lee Boyd from the United Kingdom, who won with 5 votes for his artwork called 'Face of Redundancy'

3. The third place was won by artist Lee Malvin Plate from the United States of America, who won with 4 votes for his artwork also called 'ME' . Lee M Plate is fascinated by the cultural aspects to India.

The contest has been a pleasant experience for me as I got to know so many artists worldwide. Click HERE to see all the artworks submitted for the self portrait contest.

Prints of my paintings can be purchased at Fine Art America.

Monday, November 23, 2009

White Gladiolli - oil painting on ebay auction - sold

WHITE GLADIOLI - flower arrangement in a glass vase

This painting is on auction on ebay.
To bid: http://cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300370162950&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT
White Gladiolli - is an oil painting on canvas of size 6"x8". I paint small paintings in a regular basis, and post them on my small paintings blog - Usha's Affordable paintings blog .

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Group Exhibition of paintings at - The Bangalore Club - Bengaluru

The members of 'The Bangalore club' were treated to an exciting 2 day event of an unusual display of collectibles and paintings on the 8th and 9th of November 2009.

We were pleasantly surprised to note that there were so many fine-artists amongst us. As a member, I too got to display my artworks, and had an exciting time meeting so many art lovers. I chose a niche for myself, and exhibted paintings from the 'Body Language' series, and was overwhelmed by the genuine compliments I received during the show.

I myself was very much happy to see the 'Mysore style' of paintings displayed by some of the members. The intricate gold leaf patters done with such precision, and exactment; revealing legendry incidents from our 'holy texts' were very eye catching and heart warming.

Here are some of the pictures I clicked during the show, and you can see me at the niche, near my paintings (taken by my husband Shantharam :) of course ).