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Sunday, September 27, 2009

WHO IS MY FAVOURITE ARTIST/ART - Feature in the Sunday Issue of 'Bangalore Mirror'

featured in Bangalore Mirror

I was indeed very happy, when 'Bangalore Mirror' the leading daily newspaper of Bangalore asked me who my favourite artist / art is, and also why. They featured my answer in the 'Know it All' section of the Sunday read page, - Sunday issue, Sept 27th, 2009.
Here is the LINK to this feature. You need to click on page 8 to see the feature.
So what was my answer to the question - who is my faourite artist / art, and why. It goes like this ---
I love the works of so many aritists for their own unique styles of painting, including Leonardo da vinci for his draughtsmanship, Rembrandt for his Chiaroscuro style of realism, Salvador Dali for his surrealism, Piccaso for his cubism, Vincent Van Gogh for his Expressionism, Consataable and Turner for their landscapes, Raja Ravi Varma for his depiction of the Indian woman etc.
But my most favourite is the French painter Claude Monet for his 'impressionism' style of painting, which I incorporate in my own paintings.
I love his 'impressionist ' style because - as simple as it may seem, he created impressions of shimmering light and shadows, and illusions of depth; - by just using 'broken color and rapid brush strokes', with no clear cut line drawings.
One of his works that I like the most is, 'Bridge over the Water Lilly pond' - the weeping willows, the water lillies, the graceful arch of the bridge have all contributed to the immense beauty of this painting.
Here is the picture of the painting 'Bridge over the Water Lilly pond'.

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