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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Painting of 'Fly Over' - Bannergatta Fly Over.

I have been quite busy for th past few months with the 'Body Language' solo exhibition in February; and the 'Prathibimba' group exhibition in May. (both 2009)

Now, I have switched back to the 'painting' mode; which is where I feel most comfortable!

Here is the latest. A view of the vehicular traffic at the Bannerughatta Flyover is most interesting. The beautiful curves of the flyover itself was inspiration enough for me.

After which I concentrated on the bright sunlight and the shadows cast by the vehiclular traffic. More challenging, was to paint the silhouttes of the bike riders, because the bright sunlight had made their bodies almost transluscent! I really enjoyed painting this cityscape.

This is an acrylic painting on canvas of size 12"x16". Please click HERE for purchase options.

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