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Friday, May 22, 2009

media reports on 'Prathibimba' group art show

The Newspaper media has been very kind to our group show. Leading dailies Bangalore Mirror, The Indian Express, The Times of India, Andra Jyothi, Enaadu, Rajastan Patrika are some of the newspapers who had covered about us. To read media reviews, and to see paintings displayed, please click 'Prathibimba group art show'.

The review in Andra Jyothi was a pleasant surprise for me. This article written in simple and catchy Telugu, and is presented by an artist of great calibre called Akbar. Akbar is a Hyderabad based artist, who also writes articles on art in leading Telugu daily Andra Jyothi.

Akbar is a self taught artist and his artworks have been exhibited worldwide, in solo shows in New York -U.S.A, Hyderabad and participated in many Group shows. His works are in the private collection of celebrity personalities - Padamshri Mittal, Shri K.R. Narayan ( past-president of India), The Harward University - U.S.A and many more collectors in India and abroad. He has also contributed to Telugu Litereture with his Cover Paintings, Cover Designs to Poetry, Fiction and Nonfictions Books.
His paintings are at present displayed in a 'Group show of Hyderabad artists' and you can see them by clicking on 'Art Maestros' Art Gallery - New Delhi.

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  1. Very interesting, very important, these work of art , trying to save the people or the ignorance, and giving them a new form of look to the world!