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Friday, May 1, 2009

A group show with a difference - Children's art works displayed along with accomplished arists' works

My friend and fellow-artist Sujata Tibrewala came up with this idea of show casing children's art works with our own.

Why not? I thought at first- it is a novel idea. Age no bar in art! But when I came to know who these children were, I decided it was a noble idea as well.

Sujata has been conducting an art workshop for the APSA dream school children for the past couple of months; trying to bring out their latent talent.

These children are taken care of by the community development organisation called APSA ( Association for Promoting Social Action) which focuses on the development of urban slums. These children have once been street children, rag pickers, newspaper boys, household servants, child labourors and generally children in distress. APSA gives them the education and opportunities that any normal child would have had at their age.
Showcasing my artworks along with these children's artworks is indeed an honour for me.
An added social cause is - that a part of the sales proceeds will be given to 'Uthkarsh Residents Initiative'; a social organisation that works to reclaim the Vibhuthipura Lake Bangalore; which is a home for migratory birds.

Certainly this double noble cause is enough reason for my next show which will be a group show called 'Prathibimba' at the prestigious 'Renaissance Art Gallery' Bangalore.
If you happen to be in this part of the world, please do visit the show, to see a variety of artworks done by these children along with abstracts and realistcs from the seniors (Sujata and me).
INVITATION to 'PRATHIBIMBA'' group art exhibition, showcased in aid of the revival of 14 acres of Vibhutipura lake. Bangalore.

This art show will exhibit artworks done by the APSA DREAM SCHOOL children; artists SUJATA TIBREWALA and USHA SHANTHARAM.
13, Cunningham Road
Bangalore - 560052.
From 9th May to 13th May 2009
Timiings 11 a.m to 7 p.m
Sunday - 11 a.m to 3 p.m
By Chief Guest: Shri Nandiesh Reddy MLA
Inauguration time: Saturday 9th May at 11 a.m.
Guest of Honour: Maj Gen (Dr) Anju Manchanda
VSM C.A.O Vydehi Institute or Medical Sciences and Research Center. Lake Warden - Vibhuthipura Lake.
Host Dignitary: Ms Shiela Devraj - Director APSA


APSA DREAM SCHOOL CHILDREN- (Association for Promoting Social Action) is a grass roots community development organization that provides children in distress - like street children and child laborers; with proper education and exposure; to bring about awareness in them. Prathibimba conducted an art workshop for these children to bring out their latent talent. The resultant paintings will be displayed at the show, and the proceeds of which will go to APSA.

SUJATA TIBREWALA - Her artworks reflect the deep understanding of myriad emotions and feelings drawn from her own experiences, which are beautifully depicted in her paintings.
Ph 9845126951

USHA SHANTHARAM (thats me)! - She paints from contemporary real life, as she believes that it is the truest form of expression.

A part of the proceeds of this event will be used for the ‘Utkarsh Residents Initiative’ .to reclaim the Vibuthipura Lake, which is home to rare migratory birds, but off late has been encroached upon and used as dumping ground for debris from construction sites. Incidentally, it is also in the vicinity of APSA premises.
Please come with family and friends.

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