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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Reminiscing about the art show Body Language

Exhibiting artworks in a gallery is a great ecperience for an artist because there is a first hand feed back for the artworks.

I was very happy to see visitors spending tens of minutes on each painting, viewing in silence and peace, or engaged in discussion abt the painting with a partner, while some of them took photographs with permission. But what warmed me was the fact that quite a few of them were profuse in telling me how they were affected by the paintings.

I had set up a guest book at the show and many of the visitors have written their comments on it.
Some favourites of mine ---

---- 'Very nice work. Something different, which common people like us can understand, feel it personally. I felt that each and every piece of work has touched my life somewhere. Its a part of my eveyday life.'

---'Actually I am also an artist, but these paintings are amazing. I am surprized and very happy to see these paintings. Excellent body language is shown here. Hats off to Usha madam. I am ur fan.'

---'One of my sights on paintings led me thru' a 'journey of life' . I never knew that the normal ubiquitous postcards in life can be translated through the brushes, thanks to M/s Usha for giving us such beautiful paintings. I say - simply great.'

----'Very down to earth works. You have done something which most of the artists ignore to do. ie., day to day life events. Really appreciate it'.

----'With all the chaos that modern art brings.... its such a relief , pleasure to see that you have actually captured the essence of India in all its splendour.

----'It is an experience no words can explain.'

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