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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Painting of the Indian tendor-coconut vendor selling coconuts

I have been rather busy for the past month (painting of course). I have a show coming up in February 2009, and I have been working on it. But I intend to find time to add to my blog now and then, some of the paintings that I plan show at the exhibition.

Here is the painting of 'The tender coconut vendor'. In India, during summer, at 12 noon when the sun is right above our heads, the tender-coconut vendors appear like magic on cycles to quench our thirst.

The vendors neatly tie the tender coconuts in bunches, load it on their bicycles and deliver it at our door steps, even if you live in the remotest streets of India. Not to worry as to how to break open the coconuts. It is a pleasure to watch the vendors shave off the edge of the tender coconuts with a specially designed knife, punch a hole, insert a drinking straw, and serve it with such finesse. Indeed we are blessed with such service.

The tender-coconut vendor is a painting done in acrylics on canvas of size 12"x16".

Click HERE to see a framed view of this painting.

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