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Friday, December 14, 2007

Water LIllies

Water Lillies is an acrylic painting of size 28"x21". I did this painting in response to a call for artists by the online art gallery called 'Galleryfront.com'. They had invited artists all over the world to paint on a theme called 'Peak Oil', which is a major global issue today after 'global warming'. It is about the depletion of natural oil from the earth, and how it has affected our living, eg. everrising oil prices, and destruction of earth due to unrestricted oil mining.
My paintings 'Water lillies and 'Red oil green earth' were both selected by Galleryfront.com, and published in their September-October issue of their art magazine. The online version of the printed magazine can be viewed in the -SCRIBD- that I have released in the post dated-10th December 2007. Just click on the 'SCRIBD' to view the whole magazine by scrolling!

'Water Lillies' --says that there may still be hope and we may find a way out of this global issue just like the 'water lilllies' that are growing in spite of the oil slick!

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