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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Some beautiful moments- Celebration of Human colors - portrait group art show

'Celebration of Human Colors' group art show from 14th November to 20th November 2019 is one of a kind 'Portrait Group Art Show'.

Portrait paintings of many veteran portrait artists of Karnataka past and present were displayed. Together on display were portrait paintings, sketches and sculptures of participating artists. Was happy to display two of my portrait paintings in this show.

It was a wonderful seven days as I had the opportunity to meet the veteran artists of Karnataka.
Here are a few memorable moments during the show.

With distinguished Veteran Artist JMS Mani

With Artist Mrs Rekha Rao Hebbar (daughter of renowned artist late
K K Hebbar) and Mrs Shyamala Ramanad - curator of the show

With fellow artists Mrs Usha Rai and Mrs Raji Chacko

With Chief Guest of the show Mr. Sanjay Sahay - IPS, ADGP 
Police Computer Wing - Govt of Karnataka, and fellow artist Mr Krishnamoorthy N

With renowned artist Babu Jattakar

Visit by young and popular Kannada cine actor Nikitha Narayan known for her role in 
the Kannada movie 'Mugulu Nage' as female lead with renowned actor Ganesh.

Young Kannada actress Nikitha with family conveyed her appreciation of my paintings by phone
as I had missed their visit.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Upcoming Art Show - Invitation- Celebration of Human Colors

Happy to be a participating artist in this upcoming portrait art show called 'Celebration of Human Colors' starting 14th November 2019 through 20th November 2019. 

It is one of a kind show, a brain child of Curator Mrs Shyamala Ramanand. Having done research on Karnataka Portrait artists, she has collected some of the best of them and they will be on display in this portrait art show. Also on display will be works of distinguished present day portrait artists and upcoming portrait artists. I am a part of this show as the selection committee believed that I fit into the last category.

I am indeed glad this is going to be a portrait show, as I have done quite a few of them including some family portraits. I never thought an opportunity would come along when I would be displaying them publicly. 

If you happen to be in Bangalore, please do visit. do not miss. 

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Breeze Through - Abstract Painting

Delving into the abstraction of Nature. As Nature itself is a true abstract, how does one get going with it?
It was fun painting this piece.

Breeze through
Original Abstract Painting
Acrylic on stretched canvas
size 16x20 inches

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Sankey Tank painting

I visited the Sankey Tank of Bengaluru for the first time when an art show was arranged by 'Namma Bangaluru'. I was given a stall to display my paintings. As most of my paintings are inspired by the 'Lal Bagh' of Bengaluru, I had displayed just them.

Most of the visitors to the show were locals who were living in and around Sankey Tank, and one of them commented ' Your paintings are mostly of 'Lal Bagh'. Why not paintings of Sankey Tank?'

This was already in my mind when I saw the beautiful surroundings of this artificial Lake created during the British Raj in 1882, and even named after Col Sankey who built it to cater to the water requirement of Bengaluru.

I clicked many photos and decided to use them as reference to create a body of works called 'Sankey Tank'.

Here is the first one of them, which I decided to paint abstractly reminding me of

 the colorful and festive time I had there during the show.

Sankey Tank 1
acrylic painting on canvas
Size 17x23 inches

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Yellow Sensation - painting

Painting a rose is a very challenging experience for me. The rose brings along with it - the mood, the scent, a visual treat and a wonderful sensation of happiness.

Yellow Sensation
acrylic painting on canvas panel
size - 8x10 inches

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mangoes and Bananas - Fruit Bowl - Still Life Painting

Just easing up this Summer with delicious mangoes - both in the dining room as well as on canvas.

The market is flooded with so many varieties of Mangoes this year. This tempted me to go ahead and paint a Still Life Painting of a fruit bowl with Raspuri Mangoes and Elakki Bale bananas.

Mangoes and Bananas
acrylic painting on canvas board
size: 7x5 inches

Monday, February 26, 2018

Painting of Sridevi - Sridevi shares my painting of her - on ETV Telugu channel

Sricevi has been an actor par excellence. Being an ardent fan of her, I had done a painting of her which seems to have somehow come to her notice- thanks to the internet. I felt humbled and rewarded when I saw her share an image of that painting on ETV Telugu as one of her 3 favorite paintings. 
I had written about it in this blog 4 years back in 2014, and am sharing it again in memory of my favorite actor Sridevi. 

It goes like this ---

I feel very elated and happy to share the ETV Telugu episode of 'Soundarya Lahiri' show wherein Actor Sridevi shares fer favourite 3 paintings. One amongst them is a  painting I did of her inspired by the very popular scene in the movie Mr. India.The scene shows a song number called 'I Love You' in which Sridevi  performs a scintillating dance wearing a translucent blue saree which has left many a heart fluttering. The other 2 paintings she has shared being - one of her own creation, and another done by actor Salman Khan which was presented to her. Wow!!! To be one amongst them!

Although my name is not mentioned anywhere (because they don't know me) it is heartwarming to know that  Actor Sridevi has liked it enough to share it on the popular ETV Telugu channel. During the show, my painting is shown a second time, when popular director Ram Gopal Varma comments on my painting saying that he likes the 'photo of the girl better' -  he thought my painting was a photo !!!! :))

A short clip of the program Soundarya Lahiri where actor Sridevi shares my painting on ETV Telugu channel

To watch the whole episode copy and pastie - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YDrLJ8RCPg       in your browser and watch this clip from 17.5 mn onwards. 

acrylic painting on canvas
size: 16x12 inches
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Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Lal Bagh Lake Panoramic View- Diptych painting

The Lal Bagh of Bangalore has been an inspiration for me for a long time, and the inspiration continues. Here is a diptych painting that I did of the Lal Bagh Lake - a panoramic view.

A Diptych is a drawing or a painting in two parts. The format of the pictures may be landscape or portrait, but they will usually be the same size. It is sometimes a continuous, but divided image, or may be composed of separate, closely related images.

Lal Bagh Lake Panorama
Diptych painting


Lal Bagh Panorama 1
size: 12x9 inches
acrylic on canvas

Left half of the Diptych meant to be displayed along with Lal Bagh Panorama 2

Lal Bagh Panorama 2
size: 12x9 inches
acrylic on canvas

Right half of the Diptych meant to be displayed along with Lal Bagh Panorama 1

Friday, August 18, 2017

'Namma Bengaluru Habba' Festival at Sankey Tank Bengaluru

So happy to be a part of the upcoming 'Namma Bengaluru Habba' Festival to be held on Sunday 20th August 2017 at the famed Sankey Tank of Bengaluru. Organized by the tourism department, it is a green initiative that will be creating awareness about environment preservation.

If you happen to be around don't miss this festival and do visit my stall in which I will be displaying my 'Landscape Paintings' which are mostly inspired by our 'Lal Bagh' Park. Some are framed paintings and some are not yet framed as they are newly created paintings, and I have not had the time to even mount them at the least. As a result, all these paintings will be available at very reasonable prices for the benefit of the Collectors.

Here is a sneak peek into some of my paintings that will be displayed at the Namma Bengaluru Habba.

Bamboo Blues
acrylic on canvas
9x12 inches

In the Shade
acrylic on canvas
9x12 inches

Reflections in purple
acrylic on canvas
9x12 inches

Coconut Que
acrylic on canvas
9x12 inches

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Black and White paintings - Impasto - Lal Bagh series

Here are a few more of the series ' Lal Bagh Lake Reflections'. Did these paintings using only black and white artist acrylic paints, applied with a palette knife. The technique is called 'impasto'. Thick paint is lifted using a palette knife and applied on the canvas just like applying butter on bread. Love this technique. Note the beautiful shadows formed when clicked with a camera.

Lal Bagh Lake Reflections 5
10x8 inches
Black and White series - impasto
acrylic on Blick canvas board

Lal Bagh Lake Reflections 6
10x8 inches
Black and White series - impasto
acrylic on Blick canvas board

Lal Bagh Lake Reflections 7
10x8 inches
Black and White series - impasto
acrylic on Blick canvas board

Friday, March 3, 2017

Study of landscape painting in various styles has always been my love. Nature is so wonderful and full of bounty and gives me a free hand in trying her out, and helps me to keep discovering her again and again in various forms to my hearts content. 

Recently I did a study of some landscapes in an abstract point of view, trying to discover the hidden colors and natural designs in them.

9x12 inches
acrylic on canvas

Colors of nature
acrylic on canvas

acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Black and White paintings

My recent group art show at Venkatappa Art Gallery called 'Black and White' inspired me to paint a number of smaller paintings. The subject matter is the famed 'Lal Bagh Lake' of Bengaluru. Executed in the 'impasto' style, these paintings are not only visual, they can also be felt by running the fingers across the canvas.

Visit https://www.mojarto.com/artists/usha-shantharam for purchase option of the following paintings. To purchase prints from worldwide, please visit Pixels.com.


Lal Bagh Lake Reflections is Black and White 3
Size 8x10 inches
medium - acrylic on canvas board

Lal Bagh Lake Reflections is Black and White 2
Size 8x10 inches
medium - acrylic on canvas board

Lal Bagh Lake Reflections is Black and White1
Size 8x10 inches
medium - acrylic on canvas board

Friday, October 28, 2016

Fathomless - Black and White painting

acrylic painting on stretched canvas - gallery wrap
painted on the sides

Visit Mojarto.com for purchase option of this painting.

The beautiful and serene Lal Bagh Lake is the inspiration for this painting. For regular morning walkers at Lal Bagh, this is a familiar sight while walking on the jogger's path around the Lake. Loved capturing the reflections on canvas. This time made away with the brush, and used a palette knife to spread the buttery paints on the canvas. You can see the strokes, and even feel the raised surface by running your fingers on the canvas.

By the way, Lal Bagh is the famed park situated in the heart of Bengluru city- a breath of fresh air for the ever busy Bangaloreans. 
This painting was recently displayed at my group art show called 'Black and White', held at Venkatappa Art Gallery Bengaluru.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Infinity in Black and White - acrylic painitng

The Lal Bagh Park and the Lake has always been an inspiration for many of my paintings. But this time it is a visualization of this beautiful park in 'Black and White'. Is nature any less beautiful without its colors?  Never. We can still enjoy its hidden shapes and shades. 

I have executed this painting using the palette knife and large blobs of paint, forgetting for some time that the paint in the pot was disappearing fast. It was a large surface to cover - 28x34 inches in fact. But it was just an amazing experience painting this with palette knife.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Black and White - themed group art show at Venkatappa Art Gallery

I am really enjoying so much of love and camaraderie with so many fellow artists whom I keep meeting during this beautiful 'Black and White' themed group art show at Venkatappa Art Gallery - Bengaluru.

Here are some photos of the beautiful moments during the show. I hope to add some more photos during the week, as the show is still going on, and will end on 23rd Oct 2016, Sunday.

If you happen to be in Bangalore, don't miss the opportunity to visit this colorful (pun intended) show. :). Timings 11am to 7pm.