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Monday, February 26, 2018

Painting of Sridevi - Sridevi shares my painting of her - on ETV Telugu channel

Sricevi has been an actor par excellence. Being an ardent fan of her, I had done a painting of her which seems to have somehow come to her notice- thanks to the internet. I felt humbled and rewarded when I saw her share an image of that painting on ETV Telugu as one of her 3 favorite paintings. 
I had written about it in this blog 4 years back in 2014, and am sharing it again in memory of my favorite actor Sridevi. 

It goes like this ---

I feel very elated and happy to share the ETV Telugu episode of 'Soundarya Lahiri' show wherein Actor Sridevi shares fer favourite 3 paintings. One amongst them is a  painting I did of her inspired by the very popular scene in the movie Mr. India.The scene shows a song number called 'I Love You' in which Sridevi  performs a scintillating dance wearing a translucent blue saree which has left many a heart fluttering. The other 2 paintings she has shared being - one of her own creation, and another done by actor Salman Khan which was presented to her. Wow!!! To be one amongst them!

Although my name is not mentioned anywhere (because they don't know me) it is heartwarming to know that  Actor Sridevi has liked it enough to share it on the popular ETV Telugu channel. During the show, my painting is shown a second time, when popular director Ram Gopal Varma comments on my painting saying that he likes the 'photo of the girl better' -  he thought my painting was a photo !!!! :))

A short clip of the program Soundarya Lahiri where actor Sridevi shares my painting on ETV Telugu channel

To watch the whole episode copy and pastie - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YDrLJ8RCPg       in your browser and watch this clip from 17.5 mn onwards. 

acrylic painting on canvas
size: 16x12 inches
Click on image to purchase a print of this painting.

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