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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rebecca Tripp's Flower Waltz and Gladiolus Paintings -Usha Shantharam

Rebecca Tripp from British Columbia is a composer of wonderfully lilting music that creates a feeling of peace and calm in the mind. In her music project called 'Flower Waltzes' she has featured slide-show presentations of 'Flower paintings' by artists world over who have inspired her. 

I am happy to acknowledge that she has used a flower painting that I had done of 'White Gladiolus flowers', in her wonderfully soothing music video. 

Amazing artwork and
Waltz of the Delphinium Gladiolus and Hollihocks

"White Gladiolus Flowers' painting can be seen at 5.35 min, about the fourth last painting in the video.  

This painting is now in the private collection of an Art Collector from Pune. 

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