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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Digital Painting - Flower Bouquet

7"x12" digital artwork

7"x12" digital artwork

I tried my hand on the new digital media, and came up with two paintings of a flower bouquet.  It is a wonderful experience to learn this new media called 'digital painting'.  This media is a vast ocean by itself, and may take more than a few life times to master it - I think.  Marvelous experience. 

  I would really appreciate comments on these studies.  

A little bit scared that this media may manipulate me away from the 'real thing'. -- Or should I go with the times.  


  1. wow usha marvellous sincerely I feel you should go with the times and artists of your calibre will simply love the experience

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  3. Thanks Anandirajan for your encouraging comment. I am loving it.

  4. This is really beautiful and highly creative that you have shared here. Thanks a lot for sharing.