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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Usha's Fine Art Creations - blog features in about.com

I am very pleased to annouce that my response to about.com's call for readers submissions  in their -   Online business/hosting section, has been selected and published in their site about.com  .    Click  HERE  to read the article. 

Recently about.com had called for readers submissions regarding blogging for business, where they asked to write about how I got to setup a blog and what topics I cover in it and also the lessons I have learnt through blogging till now.  All these topics are covered in this article.  You can read about my experience as a blogger HERE

In the meantime, my students and I are busy getting ready for our upcoming show in Chitra Kala Parishad starting 16th May 2011 to 255h May 2011.  

From now onwards my future  posts will be dedicated to featuring each one of my art students - (all soft ware proffesssionals :)-  ), who will be taking part in the forthcoming show.  It is a great way to get knowing these budding young artists who are amazingly creative and talented.  

Here is one for the road - below is one of my paintings which will be exhibited at our May 2011 group show.  -

       'Sunlight Peeping' 30"x24" inches - oil painting on canvas.


  1. Hi usha, waiting for your exhibition in may hoping to meet you

  2. That will be really great Anandhi. I am looking forward to meeting you too. :)

  3. with real lighting effects...wonderful