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Friday, July 2, 2010

'Morning Shadows' Oil painting on canvas


I have been occupied with a couple of family functions during the last month, and hence the gap in blogging; although my mind was constantly on it.     
But I have been busy painting too, with this landscape painting, and also a  portrait of my father, whch you can see by clicking on my PORTRAIT COLLECTIONS.   

This painting is another gem of a view of an old tree that I used to see during my morning walks around the Mysore University Campus grounds.  'Morning Shadows' is an oil painting of size 23"x30 done in an impressionist style. 


  1. Hi Usha, I am visiting you for the first time and loved what I saw! You have a great style and the choice of subjects is adorable. I loved the details you did with branches and the shadow play on the road! All the best!

  2. Magnificent nature show..shadows marvelous...superb..painting....!
    my fav

  3. wow....superb madam.amazing lighting effects