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Thursday, May 20, 2010

'En Plein Air' painting at Lal Bagh Bangalore

It is always a refreshing change to paint in the open air to cut the monotony from studio painting.        On the 8th of June 2010, I led my art class to the Lal Bagh of Bangalore for an experience of 'en plein air' painting, and took the opportunity to do some plein air painting myself.      The finished artwork is an acrylic painting of size 12x16 on stretched canvas. 

                               We chose to sit in the shade, by the lakeside - to paint, and decided to capture the beautiful reflections of the palm trees on the lake.  The red flowers of the Jacaranda trees on the left provided all the color, and the larger trees on the island at the right that had a halo of birds above was irresistable.    Here is the painting at the under-painting stage. 

Here is me painting away during the day on my pochade box.  The large audience that was cheering us throughout the 'plein air' session was a bonus experience.    Please click on  Usha's Art Class to see more pictures on this event.   

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  1. Smiling expression...renders super ecstasy feelings in ur art work..!!