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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Painting of young boys playing cricket.

'YOUNG CRICKETERS'- is an acrylic painting of size 16"x12", done in the impressionist style.

I felt that painting a scene of young boys playing cricket on the wayside was a must do for the 'Body Lanuage of India' series, as this is a very common sight here in India. So here it is.

In this scene note the body language of two boys playing cricket in the hot sun, one with bat in hand and the other probably shouting instructions at the bowler. This is a scene at mid-day, with the sun just overhead, and hence the shadows are seen just below them. Also notice the expression of total concentration on the boy's (with the bat) face, as he waits for the ball to be bowled towards him. Their cycle is also seen casually resting on the brick wall close to them.

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