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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Project painting - 'Portrait of the Kaneri flower' - Oleander portrait

A 'Close Encounter' with a flower happened when I painted this close-up of the 'kaneri flower' - also called Oleander flower in English -  to send it as an entry to a project called 'Portrait of a flower'. This is an acrylic painting of size 10.5"x 7.5".
This April project was set by Marion Boddy-Evans - the Guide to painting on the about.com website. The about.com website is a New York Times Company undertaking, and is a treasure trove of information for many subjects including painting.
I am very happy to note that Marion Boddy Evans has liked my painting. She has especially liked the background texture created by variation in color and tones. She has made special mention of the shadow of this flower. She says that 'this is a shadow with visual intrigue in color and mark making'. She has also noted that I have not used black color to paint the shadow of the flower. I have infact used darker shades of purples and pinks to create the shadow.
Click here to view the actual painting that I had submitted for the April project and also the detailed comments of the project Guide Marion Boddy Evans in the about.com painting website.


  1. I think it's a really beautiful painting, with fabulous and delicate color that so suits the subject.

  2. Thank u so much Marion. I know that your kind words will keep me going for a long time to come.