'My personal philosophy is to open people's minds to the beauty of our times and the scenes of everyday life around us' - usha

Monday, March 31, 2008

Painting of Flowers Bougenvillea

Bougenvillea is an acrylic painting on canvas of size 15"x10" . This painting is done in a style called the impasto style. The impasto style technique involves using loads of paint. I enjoyed doing this paintg, using a painting knife, and lifting large blobs of paint, applied on the canvas to produce this art work of 'Bougenvillea'. Here u can see a guy handing over a bouquet of Bougenvillea to a girl.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Twillight Years- painting of an Indian couple

Twilight Years

Twilight Years - This is an acrylic painting of size 16"x12".
This painting is part of a series I am painting called 'Body Language of India' .
In this painting, note the body language of the senior couple seated on a park bench, with their legs folded up, and facing each other, and their chappals lying on the grass beside them. This is a lovely sight often seen by evening joggers at any park in India. This couple who are in their 'twilight years' are seen relaxing in the evening 'twilight' of the day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Portrait of Shantharam

'Shantharam' is an oil painting of size 12"x8.5".

My husband willingly agreed to pose for a portrait I wanted to do of him on the condition that he will not pose unnaturally for it. So I took a few photos of him from various angles, even as he was watching his favourite Hindi serials on the TV, and did this painting. He conceded that it looked like him!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Painting of Thirst-Quenched cool sip

'Quenched' is a painting done in acrylics on canvas of size 16"x12".

This painting is part of a series I am painting, called 'Body Language of India'. In this series, I hope to capture the day to day beautiful scenes and the body language of the 'Indian people' we see around us, but do not have the time to appreciate.

In this painting note the body language of this young teenage girl, having a 'thanda thanda cool cool sip' of fresh tender-coconut water to quench her thirst in the 'hot hot' sun. I have done this painting in an 'abstracted realism' syle. The hot sun is represented by bright orange colors, and the coolness of tender coconuts by the greens.