'My personal philosophy is to open people's minds to the beauty of our times and the scenes of everyday life around us' - usha

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome note

Hi all
Welcome to my blog of fine art.


  1. Dear usha ,
    you are too good at expressing things through your paintings .You have portrayed your feelings but not experiences .Pl try to paint such experiences you may have undergone in life.



  2. hi Yoga
    thank u for your comment. I will keep in mind your kind advise and work towards it.
    thank u again

  3. hi usha,

    came to know bout ur blog thru ebay forums... the paitings are really nice.. but i like painting with bold colours. As such its proven that bold and bright colours influence more..

    wanna see more from u

    keep the good work going


  4. Thank u vinay for ur kind comments.
    I guess that the colors of my paintings mirror my feelings. Recently I turned bold, and decided to paint in bold and bright colors (coincidence I think) - as u have suggested now.
    In fact I have listed 2 paintings on ebay today. Please have a look.
    I look forward to more frank comments from u.

  5. hi usha,

    sorry I was late and cant see your listings on ebay. I was just going through your paintings and what intrested me is this "scent of a women" its really innovative. I was just wondering how the painting will be if the scent sticks will be replaced with a diya and one can see the slight emotions of the girl in dim light. Just came as a weird thought so telling you.


  6. Thats a nice thought. Maybe i'll paint that too one day.

    An artist gets the most satifaction when his/her art induces the viewer into thinking.

    Thanks VInay. You have made my day.

  7. Hi,
    very beautiful art work. r u a trained artist ?

  8. I browsed through all ur work!
    very depth knowledge abt the light & shading.
    I was inquisitive abt wether ur trained artist or developed on ur own only because I like painting a lot, and planning to start the painting soon.. any suggestions as an expert ? (how to start, what to paint? , etc)

  9. Thank u Asha. Happy u like my paintings.

    I guess trial and error, and persistance is the best way to learn anything for that matter.

    Thats the way I learnt art after a short training on the techniques of oil painting from an English nun.

  10. Thanx usha
    for ur valuable suggestion !
    I 'm also interested in paintings ( I do have little knowledge abt the paints/ shading /etc). I do a little bit of glass & tanjore painting. Buti guess i lack in the technique of canvas painting ( sketches/ proportiuons etc)

  11. do u mind putting some light on the canvas painting b'cause i desperately want to try this medium now !
    Is it necessary to learn the sketching/drawing to start ? if yes..can i learn it on my own (through books) or is it good to take some classes ?

  12. It is very essential to be initiataed by a 'GURU'. U can then follow it up thru books and internet on ur own.

    Previous sketching knowledge is not absolutely necessary. U will anyways learn that alongside.

  13. Hello Usha,

    Your paintings are too good. No words to describe , so perfect .

    Am very much interested in painting , but i do lack small amount of creativity .

    Do you conduct classes ? If so , then i would interested in joining your classes and with your kind permission , you will be my painting GURU. Please reply.

  14. Everybody has inborn creativity in them. Only sometimes it is sleeping, and needs a little kickstart.
    I do have a student who is very dedicated to fine art painting, who comes on weekends to work on his creativity with my guidence.
    Do email me at usetty@gmail.com if u need details.

  15. Nice paintings!

    Keep it up.