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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Champagne and Roses

Champagne and roses are the best combination for a present on a memorable day. These roses and the champagne bottle were a present to me. I arranged the roses in a glass vase, and placed the bottle beside it, They looked so good on the dining table, that I immediately pulled out my easel and painted on a canvas. Thus it became a subject for my still life painting.
This is an oil painting on canvas of size 12"x8".


  1. Hi Usha!
    Great paintings!,specially the still "Champagne And Roses"! What an effect I want to appreciate the details of crystal vase n foil at the top of the bottle! I'm going thru ur blog, will get in touch with u again!
    Swati Phatak

  2. Thank u Swathi, I am glad u like my painting. Looking forward to more comments from u.

  3. Hi Usha,
    The best painting i even saw...superb. Cant believe it is a painting.I would like to learn canvas oil painting from you...

    swathi yendluri

  4. u can email me at usetty@gmail.com for details.
    Thank u for appreciating the works.